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ستين تجويف جيد الختم الملامح uPVC

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    الدفع نوع: L/C,T/T,Western Union
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
    أدني كمية الطلب: 10 Ton
    موعد التسليم: 7 أيام

معلومات أساسية

نموذج: LMTL-80

Type: Profiles

Material: PVC

Customized: Customized

Brand: Lumei

Surface Finishing: Finished

OEM: Available

Color: Multi Color

Origin: China

Packaging: Plastic Bag

Specification: 5.8m

Additional Info

تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف: حسب طلب العملاء

إنتاجية: 5000sqm/month

علامة تجارية: لومى

نقل: Ocean,Land

مكان المنشأ: الصين

تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد: 60000sqm/12months

الشهادات: CE/ROHS

رمز النظام المنسق: 391620

ميناء: Qingdao,Shanghai,Guangzhou

وصف المنتج

ستين تجويف جيد الختم ملامح uPVC

الحجم: 80mm / 88mm / 108mm
النوع: انزلاق
الشهادة: CE / RoHS / ISO / AMMA
الأصل: جينان ، الصين
أول أكسيد الكربون متاح
سمك السطح: 1.8 مم - 2.5 مم
قوة الزاوية ≥2400 نيوتن
نقطة تليين Vicat ≥80.2 ℃
قوة تأثير شاربي ≥21.2 KJ / M2
اللون أبيض / رمادي / مغلف / رسم سلك

الانتاج الشهري 3000 طن

80mm Sliding Windows

                Sliding uPVC/PVC profile for uPVC windows and doors without lead

Our sliding series products have 80/88/108 mm PVC profile.

And the PVC profile of Lumei we have always advocated put the quality at the first step.All of LUMEI PVC Profile are lead free and ensured by CE certification and RoHS our new sliding mould with liners are also very popular in many countries for example:Asia, Europe, America, Central America, such as Argentina, Spain, Chile, Guinea, Guatemala, Valvado, India, South Africa, etc.

this is our new mould sliding frame with liners for windows and doors,all of our pvc profiles  formula is CaZn stabilizer without lead, including UV absorber, titanium dioxide, stabilizer, etc

The PVC profile has multi chambers and 88 mm seating surface width frame with cornice. Through to the closed rail ducts, it remain clean for a long time. Produced with EPDM gasket and PVC gasket provides sealing with corner welds. It has faultless and aesthetic design that can cater to every taste with decorative and self-gasket glazing bead. 

uPVC profiles has special propensity to facilitate water drainage, provides low inventory cost with one type of support sheet and one type of gasket, can work in harmony with fly screen, shutter and shutter systems. It has perfect design in world standards which is compatible with all domestic or foreign accessories.

Sliding PVC profile frames for uPVC Windows and Doors

Our Lumei uPVC windows and doors products quality control

Lumei uPVC doors and windows of PVC profile production line uses PVC powder to manufacture various plastic door and window profiles and decorative profiles. With reference to the latest foreign technology, the unit is optimized and designed with uniform plasticization, small shear rate, high output and long service life. The unit consists of a conical twin-screw extruder, a vacuum setting table, a cutting and laminating machine, and a turning frame. The host adopts AC frequency conversion or DC thyristor drag, and the temperature control instrument uses imported products. The auxiliary vacuum pump and traction motor are made of high quality products and are easy to maintain.

uPVC Profiles Packing&Loading

صورة المنتج
  • ستين تجويف جيد الختم الملامح uPVC
  • ستين تجويف جيد الختم الملامح uPVC
  • ستين تجويف جيد الختم الملامح uPVC
  • ستين تجويف جيد الختم الملامح uPVC
  • ستين تجويف جيد الختم الملامح uPVC
  • ستين تجويف جيد الختم الملامح uPVC
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