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بولي كلوريد الفينيل أمريكانو لينيا فينتاناس دي بي في سي

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    الدفع نوع: L/C,T/T,Western Union
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
    أدني كمية الطلب: 10 Ton
    موعد التسليم: 20 أيام

معلومات أساسية

نموذج: LM-5000

اكتب: لمحة

مواد: UPVC

تشكيل الطريق: قذف

الوضعية: أجزاء الديكور

خصائص المواد: ارتفاع درجة الحرارة المقاومة

الأسواق المقدمة: تشييد المباني

حسب الطلب: حسب الطلب

اللون: متعدد الألوان

استعمال: الخارج

تشطيبات السطح: تم الانتهاء من

Additional Info

تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليف: حقيبة مغزولة

إنتاجية: 5000tons

علامة تجارية: لومى وروون

نقل: Ocean,Land

مكان المنشأ: الصين

تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد: 5000tons

الشهادات: iso,ce

رمز النظام المنسق: 3916209000

ميناء: Qingdao,Qingdao,Qingdao

وصف المنتج

PVC Americano Line Lumei Logo 2-1

       Lumei Construction Material Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of uPVC profiles, windows and door system since 1995. Lumei uPVC profiles adopts environmental protection formula selects non-toxic CaZn heat stabilizer, imported BASF titanium dioxide, ultraviolet absorber, antioxidant agent and other top-quality additives. Those help all properties of Lumei uPVC profiles accomplices with the Chinese National Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Indicators as well as the EU market Standards. Now our plant has European Styles and American Styles uPVC Profiles for Windows, Doors, as well as has profiles bars for Roofing, Concrete and Refrigerator systems. Casement series in 60mm, 65mm, 70mm and Sliding series in 60mm, 80mm, 88mm, 104mm. Lumei profiles can co-extrude run with extra properties ,ASA or PMMA layer, specified RAL color custom, wood imitation wood grain, soft and hard co-extrusion, wire drawing, embossing and UV protection etc

pvc americano linea ventansa de pvc profile        We start produced PVC americano Linea ventanas de PVC americano termopanel from 2015.PVC Americano line profile is a different name from European PVC profile. It is introduced from the design concept of European uPVC profile,transforming and innovating in combination with the characteristics of 

the local area. The design is light weight and very suitable for low-rise buildings,villa-style doors and windows. It is mainly popular in North America and Latin America and other regions.

pvc americano linea ventansa de pvc 2

The main features of PVC Americano linea profiles are: thin wall thickness, light weight, generally the thickness no more than 1.8mm; multiple cavities, a large number of internal stiffeners and chambers, frame and sash's cavity structure design is more complicated; thickness of internal and external is mostly same, and the external dimension span is larger; the window sash section is smaller.The PVC Americano line profile frame is designed with linear at the bottom, which can be directly installed into the wall hole. This can increase the overall connection strength and installation tightness of the window frame reducing the deformation problem during installation. PVC americano Linea ventanas de PVC americano termopanel

pvc americano linea thermopanel ventansa de pvc profileS   

The sash of the PVC American sliding window profile slides in the groove of the sliding frame (that is, the frame surrounding sash structure). A separated sliding rail can be installed into the groove, or it can slide directly on the bottom of the groove. The sealing of American windows is achieved by the wool top between the outer side of the sliding sash and the two sides of the groove. The wool top can be installed on the sliding sash or on the side wall of the groove of the sliding frame to ensure a better water-proofing and air-proofing.

Lumei Americano Linea PVC -3

The sashes in the PVC American sliding window profile is usually composed of Fix sash and Move sash. The inner cavity design of these two sashes is mostly same and welding method is generally used. However, the two types of sliding sashes each have their own functions. Fix sash is equipped with a roller pulley at the bottom, which mainly plays the role of glass installation and sliding; Move sash is installed on a vertical column, and the profile design has one more side linear than the Fix sash, the main function is to facilitate pushing or lifting. In addition, it is a more user-friendly design to install a handle or a window lock directly on the sliding sash for easy opening.

pvc americano linea ventansa de pvc profileS

A very important window type of PVC Americano linea profile is double hung windows (single and double sliding windows). This window type is a self-contained system with distinctive features. The uPVC double hung window mainly relies on a kind of hardware called a balancer to realize its function of hugging and balancing the sash. The salient feature of the hung frame is that it has one (single hugging) or two (double lifting)opening slots for installing balancers.pvc americano linea ventansa de pvc ventanas pvc Americano 1

pvc profiles produce progress

In addition, PVC American window profiles are formulated with calcium and zinc stabilizers, which are lead-free and pass Rohs testing and CE certification. We produce profiles but pay more attention to health and environmental protection.

Price for uPVC Profiles certification

PVC itself has remarkable impact resistant properties. However, for window and door and fencing/railing profiles, this is not enough, especially in severe weather conditions. UV protection materials are usually added  to achieve the superior performance that is required.PVC americano lineas are specifically built to withstand harsh weather conditions and protect from strong uv exposure so there is no compromise in the uv resistance of the product even under the strong sun! Lumei PVC profiles layer material is especially uv resistant windows treated with titanium di-oxide 8%; this ensures that even years of exposure to the sun will not deteriorate them. Uv resistant is a great benefit especially in tropical countries like high uv index areas where the sun are always strong and the danger of overexposure to harmful uv rays is always high,uPVC profiles very easy to discoloration in short time .

Price for uPVC Profiles with uv protection11

Lumei uPVC profiles especially PVC americano linea profiles for ventanas de pvc uses imported BASF antioxidant and uv absorber to make the pvc profiles can in good performance of anti-uv protection.Lumei pvc profiles complied with the national standards GB / T8814-2004 and strictly follow ISO9001-2008 international quality management systems and passed the weather resistance test of 6000 hours.

What's the advantages of full body anti-uv protection PVC profiles will be ?

      ---Excellent Weather & Aging resistant.

      ---Great quality performance.

      --- Zone of Application.

Price for uPVC Profiles uv protection11

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  • بولي كلوريد الفينيل أمريكانو لينيا فينتاناس دي بي في سي
  • بولي كلوريد الفينيل أمريكانو لينيا فينتاناس دي بي في سي
  • بولي كلوريد الفينيل أمريكانو لينيا فينتاناس دي بي في سي
  • بولي كلوريد الفينيل أمريكانو لينيا فينتاناس دي بي في سي
  • بولي كلوريد الفينيل أمريكانو لينيا فينتاناس دي بي في سي
  • بولي كلوريد الفينيل أمريكانو لينيا فينتاناس دي بي في سي
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