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Type: Profiled

Material: PVC

Brand: Lumei

Customized: Customized

Surface Finishing: Finished

OEM: Available

Color: Multi Color

Specification: 5.8m

Packaging: Plastic Bag

Origin: China

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شبابيك وأبواب Upvc

التطبيق: تشطيب النوافذ والأبواب
شهادة: ISO 9001 / CE / ROHS
اللون: أبيض وألوان أخرى حسب طلبات العملاء
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upvc Windows&doors system


Plastic steel doors and windows performance and characteristics

1. Plastic steel doors and windows insulation energy-saving performance: plastic profiles are multi-cavity structure, with good thermal insulation properties, its heat transfer performance is very small, only l / 357 steel, aluminum 1 / 250, visible plastic steel doors and windows insulation, insulation The effect is remarkable, especially for modern buildings with heating and air conditioning equipment. Relevant departments have investigated this comparison, that is, the use of plastic doors and windows is higher than the use of wooden doors and windows in the winter room temperature can be 4-5 degrees higher; the use of double-glazed glass in the northern region is better.

2. Plastic steel doors and windows physical properties: physical properties of plastic steel doors and windows mainly refers to: PVC plastic steel doors and windows air permeability (air tightness), rainwater permeability (water tightness), wind resistance and insulation and sound insulation. Because the plastic door and window profiles have a unique multi-chamber structure and are welded and formed into doors and windows, all the gaps in the door and window installation are equipped with plastic rubber sealing strips and tops, so it has good physical properties.

3. Corrosion resistance of plastic steel doors and windows: plastic steel profiles have good corrosion resistance due to their unique formula. Secondly, the corrosion resistance depends on the use of hardware. Under normal circumstances, the hardware is metal products, and the industry is corrosive. For example, in food, medicine, sanitation, chemical and coastal areas, wet and humid areas, anti-corrosion hardware (engineering plastics) is used, which is 10 times longer than steel windows.

4. Weather resistance of plastic steel doors and windows: The plastic steel window adopts special formula, adding ultraviolet absorber and low temperature impacting agent to the raw materials, thereby improving the weather resistance. Long-term use in temperature and climate environment, between 30 degrees and 70 degrees, in the sun, rain, dry, moisture changes, no discoloration, deterioration, aging, embrittlement and so on. Plastic steel windows have been in Western Europe for 30 years, and their materials are as good as ever.

5. Fire-resistant performance of plastic steel doors and windows: plastic steel doors and windows are not self-igniting, non-combustion, self-extinguishing from fire, safe and reliable, in line with fire protection requirements, this performance has expanded the use of plastic steel doors and windows.

6. Plastic steel door and window insulation performance: plastic steel doors and windows use excellent electrical insulation of profiled materials, non-conductive, high safety factor.

7. Plastic steel door and window density: plastic material is fine and smooth, the quality is uniform inside and outside, no need for surface special treatment, easy processing, cutting, welding, the length, width and diagonal of the finished door and window can be within plus or minus 2MM. Machining accuracy, angular strength up to 3000N or more.

casement upvc profile windowspvc window and hardwares


project of upvc Windows

If you have any windows and doors projects , welcome here! we have professional team to design the drawings and have professional workers to produce finished windows and doors! look forward to you joining!

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  • شبابيك وأبواب Upvc
  • شبابيك وأبواب Upvc
  • شبابيك وأبواب Upvc
  • شبابيك وأبواب Upvc
  • شبابيك وأبواب Upvc
  • شبابيك وأبواب Upvc
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